One of series analysis of Chinese group buying market development trend of Chinese group buying webs


LETYO Group buy life China group buying market series analysis, China group buying website development trend

since January this year the first group buys a website to be sold completely since line, Chinese buy group network market is unusually hot. Chinese wind speed is not fast, just 6 months has grown to nearly one thousand group purchase website. Of course, there are many websites that are closed and not organized, but the momentum of online group buying is burning more and more. Major media have reported that the major portals and SNS websites have also started to buy, on the one hand as a means of profit, on the other hand as a value-added services.

as the first group purchase website navigation China, LETYO (Group 123, group purchase life original has been paying close attention to the network group purchase group purchase market, as a communicator, I would like to start with the most basic concept, describe the China network group purchase market charm.

first, the rise of online group buying

w online group buying is online group shopping. The group buys the market from the United States Mission Network ( starts to rise, at present, the US regiment has become the domestic successful copy us Groupon pattern website example.

two, what is group buying?

w online group buying concept:

– group buying refers to an online shopping style where consumers don’t know each other at the same time on the same website to buy the same kind of goods at the same time to get the best price.

w network group buying features:

– quantity of goods: only one item at the same time;

– buy time limit: usually one day, but many websites continue to buy for days or even weeks;

– commodity discount: generally around 3-4 discount, and some can reach 1-2 discount.

three, domestic group buying website type

a) service type: service group buying is the most traditional mode of online group buying, and it is sent to consumers who participate in group buying by electronic coupons, such as massage, restaurants, beauty salons and other discount services.

b): a physical commodity type group purchase discount low solid products in a specific period of time, this type of group purchase mode and the U.S. WOOT.COM website is similar, but using the interface type Groupon website.

C) mixed type: service goods and physical goods are done, there are usually two patterns, one is on the same site cross group buying, and the other is to do two different sites.

2010 China online group buying market memorabilia



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