A bit of experience with Godaddy and DreamHost spaces

The abbreviation for

Godaddy space is GD space

The abbreviation for

DreamHost space is DH space

if you want to buy foreign space, please ask yourself first, why do you want to buy? You may have the following reasons:

1. doesn’t want to put in the record,

2. domestic prices are too expensive, uneconomical

3. on domestic IDC not assured, liar more, poor service

if you belong to the first type, then I suggest you choose a good home, choose a good customer service is the record of the IDC tube, you don’t have to go by, if you call for the record, you can reduce the number of concerns, customer service with the record of IDC40% is more reliable. Do you think it’s good to put on the record, or do visitors open your space and experience the speed of cattle,


if you are second, if you read the above paragraph of the content, or to decide to buy a foreign space, then I suggest you buy a DH space, DH space because a lot cheaper than the GD space, but also very cost-effective, some people say that DH space is not stable, there may be purchasing reasons, I am looking for a DH space, purchasing 2G, not limited to IIS and flow, MYSQL did not limit, 80 yuan a year, attractive terms, I spent 1 weeks and died, then know the purchasing is a piece of me with his large space, his space due, so I did not have what data. So you find someone purchasing, suggest you ask clearly, there is no independent panel, is not from the official home landing control panel for management?.

DH space seems to be refundable within 2 weeks, so some people will use this for fraud. Looking for someone to buy, take a look at his QQ level, Baidu search, QQ, liar and other

on the GD space is similar with DH, but GD is very stable, I spent 2 months, completely not seen when the situation, but the speed at night than during the day a little slower, but not too big effect.

it took me more than 30 hours to cancel my independent IP after the first GD space, so I suggest we use the foreign space instead of changing things, otherwise the time will be very slow.

if you are third, then I’ll tell you, with foreign customer contact are contacted by EMAIL, of course, you can also call a condition, but the domestic IDC can usually contact through QQ, you should know which links faster. Which communication is more convenient,


it’s just something I use in GD and DH space. No other space has been used.

strongly note:

first. The first year of foreign space are cheap, renewal is very expensive

second. Most of the people who buy it are >

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