Small webmaster Wangzhuan wisdom and persistence diligence is indispensable

to write this article, it is as a webmaster I wrote, do make money, presumably this is the basic starting point and fundamental goal of most small owners. And I also like the vast number of webmaster, and strive to do their own web site.

looked at others site traffic, others see a lot a lot of money, his heart is ready to have some, some Wangzhuan tutorial refer to the online, for advertising, advertising. It was easier to apply for the Google ad, and quickly applied for it, and was happy for a while. Surprisingly, one day to check the site traffic, suddenly found that the site traffic is less than a half, and later learned that it was Baidu to K, depressed for a while. And the vast number of Baidu K webmaster, blame, not understanding, full of the whole brain. Also have no mood to update website, better construction website. Later, in stationmaster net saw an article "how to make K website reincluding" article, let me re-examine your own website, it felt their sites have a lot of problems, according to the Baidu website, re designed website, stop automatically, manually add all of the content every day, update, and refer to the station for many Baidu website articles. For example: increase the web site, add favorites, write in the famous blog original Bowen, publicity and so on. Finally, one day, when I went to site’s own website, I found that Baidu was included again. So when faced with difficulties, be sure to calm down, find out where the problem is, take seriously and actively to solve the problem, and stick to it and believe in yourself. But not others, all day complaining about this, which is not to complain, carefully check their own reasons. Believe that the search engine will treat you friendly and fair.

Wangzhuan needs the wisdom, persistence, hard work, three are indispensable, although for Google Advertising, but low CTR surprising, then, carefully check all kinds of Google Advertising Articles increase the click rate, something useful in the rectification site Google Advertising placing position and color configuration, finally received the results now. Have a good Click ratio.

pain and joy Ali mother advertising, Ali mother advertising in the week is very novel knot, monthly advertising model, attract a large number of small and medium-sized webmaster, just start the application when it is heard, the Ali Mama advertising review is very strict, their own first-hand experience once. Yes, but not as the webmaster said. But the middle story or speak out, to share with you, the first application was rejected, saying that the content of the site is repeated, not suitable for advertising. After a week application was denied, then asked the customer service, customer service is to strengthen the construction site and stable site traffic, I did, and then after a while, apply again, still refused, said to be the site is unqualified, have a past experience, ask the customer service. Then continue to modify the site, which remove the unqualified content, to apply again, still refused, was also told the website also.

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