What is the inspiration of a failed case that prevents us from achieving success

the day before yesterday, I received a phone call: "Hello, how do I buy Hua Tuo longan meat?" I was shocked, thoughts back to six months ago……

in February this year, I see a AAA honey on the Internet (instead of the name AAA) marketing case, this case by Baidu know the answer, such as: "Black Tea A asked what effect is there?" B out of it: "tea has the functions of XX, but one thing is better than tea. Honey honey, but many are false, many users have recommended AAA honey." By constantly asking himself, others will enter the AAA honey name in Baidu, because it is the original name, then the site is the first of their website.

is said to have earned 600 thousand in 1 years through this 0 cost promotion.

later, I passed the same method, selling longan.



not only in Baidu know, I also do in the baby tree, unfortunately, the baby tree flow, not a few days to be reported as advertising stickers, was deleted. My heart felt hopeless because Baidu knew the traffic was small and the small case gave up the test.

but until the day before yesterday, when I received the phone for longan meat, my heart felt uncomfortable.

has a story about 2 prisoners locked in the same cell. They looked out at the prisoner. A saw the iron fence, and the prisoner B saw the scenery outside the iron fence.

and a lot of times we’re doubting ourselves. We are too fast to pursue results, and even forget the sowing in the spring and the harvest in autumn. Most people always do it for a few days and force a good feedback. Once there is no good result, you give up at once. It’s a poor mentality". Because with this kind of thinking, no matter what to do, will not succeed, can only be poor.

really strong should be very patient, long-term vision, not because of the immediate benefits and worry about personal gains and losses. As the famous saying in the Spurs dressing room said, "when everything seemed impossible, I ran to see the mason, repeating the hammer to the rock in front of him one hundred times, and the stone did not reveal a crack.". When the next 101st hammers struck, the stone split into two, not because of the hammer, but because of your hard work and consistency." And my dear friends, have you really persevered,


maybe you’ll ask me, "what if it doesn’t work? How do I know when to stop?"

"three months."."

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