Ji Shiquan grassroots Adsense in 2010 to achieve profitability four steps

new year is coming, you are ready to struggle? Are you at the end of 09 due to network crisis makes you confused? If you decide to do in 2010, to achieve the great goal? On the road and start again, these familiar songs are often think, if you do not want to listen to it again


2010 will be a turning point in the fate of Internet start-ups, there are many opportunities, but only for smart people, intelligent people, the will, the ideal people. If you want to seize the opportunity and achieve your goals, I think the following points will be essential.

one, profit model

in general, profits and money are written in the end, and the final result is to make money or lose money. I think it should be arranged first, first determine what kind of results you need to determine what kind of process you need to go through. Think about what you want first, and then consider how to do it. You can also try to consider the question, for example, you want to earn money through the Taobao model, or through the station to earn advertising fees, or membership fees and so on. This is the most important, it will also determine success or failure.

two, target setting

when you determine your own profit model, you have to start setting goals, such as what to accomplish in the first stage and what to accomplish in the second phase, which should be carefully arranged. These goals need to be made step-by-step, step by step. In fact, doing everything is like this, but many webmasters have never considered this problem.

three, website draw

to be bigger, stronger and long-term profitable, it is essential to build an excellent website. So how can you build a good website? That doesn’t mean you can have a great website with beautiful artists and great skills. Personally, I feel that an excellent website needs to have several conditions. 1. can realize the mode of quick profit. 2., the station itself is interested in this industry and is familiar with the industry, so that it can continue to develop. For example, you do not understand the stock industry, and do not like it, then you do a stock site is certainly not good, so in order to draw material, it is necessary to start from their actual situation.

four, operation plan

any target of Chengdu can not be separated from a thorough plan, and so should the operation website. Many webmaster in doing the station, never consider this problem, eyes only do the content, do flow, but no plan to remind yourself. If you do not have a comprehensive plan, perhaps you do 3 or 5 years may not be able to achieve profitability. Only by setting a good plan and completing it step by step can we see the future before we can achieve it.

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