From the actual traffic source of a website to the navigation station traffic

remember, in 06 years, I inadvertently saw the 39 Health Network home traffic source data. Since the 39 Health Network is basically recommended by all the major navigation stations, so from that time, I have a comprehensive understanding of the traffic at each station. At that time, I cut the map and share it with some colleagues. When I was trying to use it, I couldn’t find it again. It was a pity. Remember to see the data, source IP is only, and other websites about 10 times, and now feel the gap is getting bigger and bigger.

very lucky today, and found a site of public traffic data, is a local lottery official website, has been included in the major navigation station pages. Although it is only recommended inside the column, but the flow is also very impressive. Now share with you the source of the traffic on this site. Take a look at how much traffic this site can get from the current mainstream navigation station.

as pictured: a welfare website in May 13th, the main source of traffic throughout the day


can see through the figure above that most of the site’s traffic sources are navigation stations. Among them, the highest is, about 2W, and after that is about 114LA 1000. Hao123 is 20 times the height of second. Yes, it’s 2345360, navigation, 1616265 and other websites. With the navigation station I’ve done before, the TOP44 summary sort is pretty good. But the data on a web site does not spell out everything. Because of the different navigation stations, the positions of each column are also different. But also to see the site in the specific location of each navigation station page, if a site navigation station to the lottery is in front row position clearly, even if the overall flow of the navigation station only another navigation station 2/3. But because the location of the site is better, the traffic that the site receives from the navigation station will be more than the traffic at the other higher traffic station.

: look at the traffic data for the last 13 days,


really want to understand the size of the traffic between these navigation stations sorting, you also need to refer to a lot of data sites, as well as the location of these sites in the navigation station, good or bad and other factors. If you have friends in many web site navigation station is recommended or advertising, willing to share data with me, please give me a message or blog to contact me [email protected], I would be willing to share the experience of more data and thank you. New network promotion exchange 21 group 83686971 welcome everybody to come to exchange.

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