How do you maximize your advertising revenue

advertising revenue is certainly The more, the better. Advertisers are generally paying lower fees, so it is necessary for us to know how to make more money without breaking the rules.

What is the most important way for

to increase its revenue?

improving site access is the fundamental way to get more revenue. Generally speaking, only the site of the daily visits IP reached about 1000, rely on advertising to earn money, it seems more practical. That’s one reason why many advertisers require at least 100000 ad monthly displays to join. If your site every day only dozens of people to visit, all click on your hands, then, is what you should do now to the development of your site! By the way, your advertising display and your own actual amount of traffic may vary greatly. This may be the advertiser’s fault and does not rule out the deliberate reduction of counts. At the same time, most advertisers now add part of the ad Default Banner, which is advertising to its own company, which is not paid, not even in the display. It is also possible that their ads cannot be displayed at the visitor’s location. It has now been found that many of the ads will be used in IE6.0 as a violation of privacy by Block, especially using third party advertising.

How does

choose the right form of advertising,


choosing ads that suit your site’s characteristics will help to broaden your earnings. In addition to the declining click pay advertising CPC and display paid advertising CPM, there are other forms of advertising such as pay Pay-per-Lead, sales pay, Pay-per-Sale and so on. Although CPM ads tend to bring more revenue than CPC, it is hard to find CPM ads for domestic users. Therefore, the domestic CPC advertising is still the mainstream. For a site for foreign visitors, introducing paid advertising and sales commissions may be a better choice. If it matches the content of your site and suits your visitor’s taste, it can bring you a big income. Similarly, if the ads don’t match, you probably won’t have a penny for a whole month. It’s important to note that if you want to introduce a member right now, you don’t have to fill out a form to get through. At the same time, sales commission model, it is best to choose a large company’s agent, so that it is easy to sell things. If your visitors to the site with the search for emotions, join a paid search advertising is also very good, but now the support of the domestic advertising and sales of advertising is very few, anyone can apply for the.

how much advertising is appropriate,


more advertising, to some extent, can increase revenue. However, without affecting the page effect, download speed, a page is best not to have more than two 468*60 banner advertising. Small button ads, Button, no more than five. With too much advertising, the benefits will not increase, >

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