Jiang Likun how to deal with negative news on the nternet

with the popularity of the Internet, the power of public opinion on the Internet is becoming more and more powerful, and even can affect the formulation of policies and regulations. Therefore, the current enterprises and institutions for their own information about the network, is not afraid, and also have to pay attention to. But the Internet is a new thing, many people do not understand his temper. Therefore, many people are often bewildered by some negative information. Recently, people have often asked me how to deal with the problem of negative information. Today, let’s talk about the problem.

one, blocking the information source

all negative information, must be behind someone manipulation, seemingly said nonsense. Therefore, the most fundamental way to solve the negative information is to find behind the scenes, directly plug the root cause, and then consider the aftermath. Otherwise, since there is more PR work, it may be futile. Because there will always be new negative information, like floods, will flow to the network.

of course, not all of the information is suitable for this section. Generally speaking, the negative information caused by various disputes is more applicable to this article. Such as contract disputes, economic disputes and so on.

says a real case of a Jiang Likun contact. A software outsourcing company failed to fulfill its contractual obligations and refused to accept the reasonable demands of customers. As a result, the bad behavior of customers has been sent to the Internet, and the negative information has been flying all over the place. Later, in my proposal, the company took the initiative to contact the customer, will properly solve the problems of customers. Then, the client will automatically delete the released information.

so, if you encounter the situation similar to this, then do not rush to deal with negative information, the first time to resolve the contradictions, is the fundamental road.

two, positive clarification,

In fact, not all negative information needs to be avoided in

. For some untrue, out of nothing, or information that is out of fact, we can actively face and clarify. If handled properly, not only will all the negative effects be eliminated, but even many unexpected benefits will be obtained. In fact, many companies have been using negative information to promote the above.

, such as a well-known video site in the industry, often has its negative information on the network, especially in the early stages of development, the negative constantly. The truth is that most of the information is cooked by themselves. Doing so is just to attract attention, enhance visibility and influence. Facts have proved that their approach is very correct and effective.

, for example, a newly risen company in the game world, has been heavily involved in the media because of its clever use of a lawsuit against an old boss with a portal background. The new company with this unknown.

of course, there is a certain risk to do so

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