Links skills and tricks

links are also a major point in website optimization. It’s not easy to do it well. Because the exchange link is also a kind of technology, then we should look for links, I summed up the following methods, I hope to communicate with you.

one, if your site is formal site, and not informal site link. Because informal site may be subject to search engine punishment, and you have been compromised.

two, with "Webmaster Tools" to see you want to link the website PR value and included.

three, check whether the points you want to link to are often updated in the search engine. The test method is simple: check the site Baidu snapshot.

four, find your own site content related to the site exchange links,

five, friendship chain, preferably on the left or right, in general, the other website is impossible to put your link at the top, but left (right) side better than the bottom

six, and you do links, websites often exist some tricks, I hope you will be wary of later. Specifically, I mention it here:

delete the link

after the link has been exchangedThe simplest part of

is that after exchanging the link, the other party silently takes the link to you on the site, so that you link the past link to a one-way link. This is easy to spot. Some websites automatically check each other’s links with a program. Some do not use the program, but should also often look at the link partners on the site, your links still not in?. If the other side quietly took it, I personally think it is not necessary to ask each other how it happened. You also do not mention it, he also took the link on the line, and then no longer have to trust the webmaster.

II to find ways to link to the weight of the minimum

in English website directly exchange home page link is less, generally is put on the friendship link on the page. Some webmaster use the link structure in the station, make these friendship page get the page weight minimum. The most typical way is to only on the home page or on the site map page to link links page. In this way, links can also be included in the search engine, but the entire web site has only one or two pages linked to the links page. This link structure makes the link pages very low in weight.

normal web site structure should be the link page, is one of the organic parts of the whole site, processing should be the same as other pages. For example, the links page is a channel, which is divided into many categories. Well, this channel should be like all other content channels, and there is a navigation link on all pages to make the link page get its due weight.

, so that links can not be included in the page

some webmaster although on the page makes the link page looks like ordinary web page, but in fact use rob>

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