The establishment and promotion strategy of local forum

as we all know, in the 08 and 09 years, the industry and the local are two big pieces of cake shared by the webmaster industry.

although there are many webmaster friends holding the attitude of trying to choose this industry, but really adhere to and intentions have not been a few. Before the forum saw many friends complain that "my station has been * months, there is still no traffic", "IP and PV is not proportional" and other issues. In fact, these problems should be solved by ourselves.

To promote the establishment and promotion of the

website is a let us each webmaster headache, local forum and local life portal general everyone can use Dede, discuz, phpwind and other procedures to build. Although the kernel is the same, users are more concerned with the value of our content. If your website is a program written by yourself, but the content is all collected, if you want to succeed, then please return to three years ago. The real local station should take into account the direction of the site and the site’s operation model, first of all, we should pay attention to, local stations may only for local users. It may also target popular users. Here, we have to correct for their website positioning, but also to make their own characteristics of the station; without characteristics, the site is always only a copy. In fact, from the website is not too difficult, in short, as long as we find the proper program, put some useful information for the user, "simple and elegant, so our website has been a major success.

and the real headache is propaganda. I’ve read a lot of articles, which also wrote many promotional methods, including some very practical methods, but not every webmaster practical! We should learn to choose, choose suitable for promotion of our own methods.

our first person will have his own ideas, so we do and others do the same thing; but when we learn to walk and talk and others work, so we have our own soul? So, even if you don’t care about the flow of the search engine should also consider the user experience. Do more of the original content, make a site rich, in order to prepare for the website promotion.

local sites should be promoted mainly from forums, blogs, local groups (QQUC, etc.), activity gatherings, offline ads (traditional media, flyers, outdoor, etc.). Specific methods of operation on the network too much, no more nonsense here.

regardless of local, industry, station, regardless of station building, publicity, promotion, as long as the "intentions to do standing", then your site has laid a good foundation for success.

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