On the last day of 2008 cried

hi network began in October, now has more than 2 months, should be said to be 66.12 days, responsible for their own products in a Internet Co, the product has 200 million users in use, the day will be endless, one day to deal with more than 200 emails.

8 pm to return to their small house, sometimes even weekends, the meal began to update your own website, Saturday Sunday did not dare to do any business, for nearly 10 years, but never made any one, the lost lost to do 2 words lost every day 5 hours of sleep is the most extravagant to watch a NBA game live on the feeling of excitement what a wonderful world this weekend, sometimes think oneself is really very depressed, with the annual salary of 100 thousand is what his website, perhaps is a young age of the plot, from the last century website this thing has occupies almost all of his feelings and hopes.

network is an open and fair share, every hour and moment is caught my stay there, do too many website to too many ideas, such as man, do stand failure of the same person, in order to prove their success on their life is also forced to do a successful station, perhaps this is a misunderstanding, but he is extremely difficult to get away.


is in the Internet Co, but in fact his early site specific throw to Java country, bite the bullet and a little modification to the partner did not stop looking but his character sucks and no one is willing to bend and a new station, memories of this a few months to pay at least a little bit, return right now, about IP1000, PV30000, PR, today jumped from 0 to 4 (we all know their PR is 0 points when there are more depressed), Links added 10, 4 days ago by QQ bookmark recommendation, within 2 days of the recommended number exceeded 7000, still very happy, for the the number increased to 1000 before the Spring Festival, which is expected by Google > 800, Baidu included just rose from 7 to 100 or so, I hope that time can be up to 500, the forum Renqibuwang temporarily closed.

2009, let’s work together! Remember your flat 2008 and refuel with tens of thousands of Chinese webmaster.

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