Set up 6 years Han clothing house how to grow for Amoy brand first place

entrepreneur note: on the one hand, starry CEO Zhao Yingguang confirmed to the media, has acquired the middle-aged lady Amoy brand Ai Mo; on the other hand, VANCL carried out seventh times by angel financing, lead investor Lei Jun. Not to discuss where the guest "millet story" will be how to speak, it is better to take a look at Han clothing house, which was born in Taobao’s Internet clothing brand, is how to do Amoy brand first?. This article from the "molesting electricity supplier" WeChat public account, starting in November 14, 2013.


| Feng Huakui, "sales and marketing" business channel version column editor

, Zhao Yingguang’s "airplane" mentality,

During an interview with

starry, their employees give me Zhao Yingguang aircraft share photos, more than 400000000 points, there is no suspense in all one’s circle of friends is the first, and then Zhao Yingguang put his head into the starry logo, and let all the more than 1500 employees share out.


and Zhao Yingguang played 200 million points before four hundred million, and he sent a micro-blog: two hundred million points for the first time. Whether black or white, catch mice is a good cat. The same score, some people see is despair, and some people see is the goal of struggle. What about the world, the child is father of the man.

aircraft it can split a lot of different point of view: the first is the hit list; second is hanging open.

Zhao is a special attention to the list of people, like playing aircraft, he also let his brand in the top of Taobao; at the same time, within the company, the implementation of the group system, so that each team competition ranking.

with Korean artists like these are similar, South Korea SM brokerage company culture of stars, a first album, with artists to carry out three months hit activities in various variety shows, TV, radio, network promotion, concert, fans will meet, and so on, if three a month can impact to the top, even if successful.

Korea is the same, it is reported that South Korea in the Taobao women’s wear on the size of the category, all in the top ten, sweaters, skirts, suits, wool and so on, this list to the starry brings free resources on a large scale, whether it is Taobao, and other Jingdong, or to do distribution, platform resources it is reported that South Korea tend to have Korean a year in’s sales of up to more than a million (net debit and not return, only water can reach two hundred million), but only five or six people in the operation, almost equivalent to the white pick, in all other platforms are also less than ten person team. That’s what comes first.

Zhao Yingguang’s micro-blog:

Taobao index, the popular category of hot brands list, Han clothing house is the only one all into the top 10 brands. Of course, we have some key categories, but still not strong enough, ranking is relatively backward, need to enter a.

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