Strategic analysis of constructing information closed loop local life O2O business opportunity platf


a consumer wants to find a mid-range restaurant and have meals with friends. He took out his cell phone and used Baidu maps to search the surrounding restaurants, and immediately searched more than 30 restaurants around 2 kilometers. Which one is more appropriate? The consumers through "" compared with the types of restaurants, per capita consumption, restaurant location, restaurant photos, recommendation and evaluation of the past, consumers in restaurants, and then select a "group purchase" preferential activities of the restaurant.

then the consumer online purchase group purchase coupons, with "Alipay" to complete mobile payment, and use the "ordering Secretary" online ordering function completed a reservation. At dinner, he displayed reservations and group buying information to the restaurant and received the appropriate service and privileges. After the meal, he was on the "public comment" platform for the consumer experience was evaluated, for other consumers reference.

this way of spending is not unusual, many people have experienced. This process is a typical O2O mode, namely Online to Offline (Online to, Offline, O2O), refers to the Internet platform to guide consumers online platform (Online) to complete the consumption decision, even booking and payment, then the next line (Offline) of consumer store. Since 2012, the concept of "online to offline" (O2O) has risen. Including food, beauty, movies, hotels and other local service areas, is considered the electricity supplier after another "trillion" level of the market.

, and the development of smart phones and mobile Internet, O2O mode inserted wings. Coupled with the maturity of location services (LBS), customer relationship management systems (CRM), mobile payments and other technologies and services, the O2O model is entering a golden period of development.

public comment, the U.S. group, Didi taxi and other rapid rise of O2O, Alibaba, Tencent, Baidu and other Internet giants have also accelerated layout in the field of O2O. O2O platform, as a new business model of how we should be raging like a storm, to understand it, manage it, and succeed? Will the local life O2O platform, need to answer important questions in three aspects:

1. layout: how do Internet companies build a complete, systematic local life O2O platform, so that it forms a positive cycle, rapid growth,


2. competition: Internet companies should adopt what kind of strategy to compete with their rivals in order to win, and even achieve winner take all situation,


3. Refactoring: how can Internet companies and traditional companies achieve their own success in the process of rebuilding the local life service


local life O2O platform layout: creating a positive loop

O2O platform layout of "five stage model" "

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