Website optimization also requires friendship support

Everyone in the

community is in the collective, not isolated, and the same is true in the online world. Each site is not alone, but interrelated and interdependent. Modern society is an information society, and whoever has more resources is the winner. Website optimization pay attention to "content is king, the chain is emperor", and in the chain, friends chain is a can not be ignored existence.

link refers to the website of their own on the other side of the link, it is convenient for users to visit each other’s Web site, and access to their own web site. It is a complementary means of resources, and it is a basic form of promotion for cooperation between websites. The use of links, the realization of our website to share information with each other, and ultimately reach a win-win situation.

links do well, can improve the search engine search our site, the probability of our site brings traffic, increase the amount of included, so as to improve the site ranking, increase the weight. A website you want to do, the most basic is to let search engines know your website, included the content of your website, your website content and information stored in the database, so your site will have access to the user, the flow will be increased. A high weight, ranking good website, search engine is the trust, then, search engines will be the site of the Links interest will increase the search engine friendliness. Then our own web site will also be relatively high weight, search engines will also pay more attention to our website.

links, white is also a kind of outside chain, but he does not want the chain so casually, it is mainly with those and our website theme related web site link. Each link is a search engine to the road of our site, so the more the chain, the search engine more easily, more frequent access to our site, traffic is up, ranking is naturally gone ". When a user browsing a web page, found the keywords they are interested in, so if there is Links words, users can directly through the Links jump directly to the relevant page, without the need to turn off the browsing page to enter keywords, when you open a new page, to avoid the waste of time at the same time, more important is to facilitate the user’s browsing.

is because of the role of friends chain, resulting in real life there are many websites under the banner of friendship links, but often deceive the other side of the site.

some websites link up with you today and remove the link tomorrow. This is also the lowest level of deception, but there are still some websites being cheated. Normally, this happens on unattended websites. So usually we should pay attention to friendship links to check, see whether the other side of the site and their links, that is, check back chain. If not, then you can delete the link directly, because the friendship link is mutual, since the other party is not willing to take yourself, also do not have to reluctantly. But for those rights >

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