TV station teaches you four ways to get traffic quickly

now Baidu is getting more and more harsh with the movie station. Last month my TV station,, was one of the favourites, and now I can’t find it. But in fact, as long as we will promote, do not have Baidu can also IP tens of thousands of, and here are some of the rapid access to traffic methods:

(1). BBS publicity:

first, in the forum propaganda, I opened the way, also is the daily updated movie name and address recorded daily records about 10, write the advertisement text, but the advertising text not too guanggaohua, so it is difficult to let people into more easily by the moderator K. So the flexible use of your advertising wisdom to take more captives, advertising and some new movies are ready, then we will go to visit those high forums, although each forum to several or dozens, but I did not worry so much, is one of the then, from time to time to reply, but I don’t have to this website is my theme, I use the theme to share on this forum propaganda effect is very good, have obviously.

(2). Blog:

blog publicity, and some people will ask what the blog publicity method, then I tell you what method. First of all, blog is the most fiery WEB2.0 keyword, and now, almost every Internet user will have blog, good nonsense, not much to say, to enter the topic. Although some people do not optimistic about this blog, but he is conducive to search engine included, we apply for a blog in each blog site, and then establish a link, and the above forum propaganda every ten new movies, published a blog, such as search engine spider, you will be have repercussions link and GOOGLE pr. I pro test. The effect is very good.

(3).QQ publicity:

In fact, some Adsense

misses the point that the QQ group of advertising, most of the webmaster is to add some Adsense technology related groups, but I did not do so, my QQ group what classes are, games, music, animation…… Many, many, I will not enumerate. On the QQ group, we can also conduct propaganda to that forum propaganda, also is the daily updated ten movies all the time in the group, do not send more, here, some webmaster friends will ask, "now a lot of virus and advertisement leads to QQ users not to point site. What is the use of QQ group propaganda." Oh, I want to explain this point, all means of publicity is need to rely on the brain to complete, if direct such information will be the main group to fly out or we feel that no one is virus to the point, but you can send in with you before the way, to provide you with free online movies to watch, so I don’t think you are in the virus or advertising, you just information >

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