WeChat public platform there is wisdom of the choice of advertising

now "fan economy" can be described as fiery, WeChat public number is also popular, has a lot of fans concerned about the amount of WeChat quite a lot. There are fans, on behalf of traffic, there is traffic on behalf of commercial operations can be carried out.

it is understood that now has a certain amount of attention WeChat public platform, its main commercial profit methods are looking for businesses to advertise. However, even advertising has its own knowledge, and in this article, I will tell you how to choose "wisdom" advertising.

select advertising, consider the eastern and Western aspects, such as the strength of the business, how much benefit can be gained by itself. In my opinion, the choice of advertising only needs to follow 2 basic principles:

1. selects ads that produce higher value. The foundation is a win-win cooperation in the establishment of the advertising advertisers and WeChat advertising platform, high value of advertising on behalf of businesses to obtain greater value, through advertising, businesses are willing to pay more to find the value of WeChat advertising, are more likely to form the next cooperation.

2. selects ads based on WeChat platform. Advertisers need to choose advertising platform, you need to consider the platform traffic, quantity, quality, conversion rate, summed up, that is, to take into account the effect of advertising. Similarly, WeChat public platform also choose advertisers.

does not damage the user experience, selection and positioning, WeChat similar similar advertising, such advertising is not too high damage to the WeChat user experience and image, to minimize the impact; great resentment and localization of WeChat platform advertising will lead to be quite different users, not because the price is higher, the greater the choice of what kind of interest the advertisement, especially deceptive advertising, may have fatal impact on WeChat’s public platform, resulting in the loss of users.

of course, if advertising can consistent with the WeChat platform positioning is of course ideal state, such advertising is advertising information into normal content information, so that users will not be advertising as advertising, but as the normal content of information push. In fact, this advertising effect is also the most user acceptance, the effect is also the most ideal.

there is also a case of advertising is to achieve cooperation with the interests of businesses, WeChat’s own long-term development can have a favorable impact. For example, the local WeChat theater information push and cinema line advertising a two-dimensional code of cooperative advertising, which has a favorable influence on the growth of WeChat users public platform, this type of advertising is the preferred one of the WeChat advertising platform.

, however, I think, WeChat platform advertising short-term operation is acceptable, but not long-term strategy, the introduction of their own brands, the best way to position.

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