The organic unity of analysis and thought is the premise of making a good fortune for Taobao custome


customers are now more and more difficult to operate is an indisputable fact, many owners before the operation of Taobao customers, will look forward to future profits, so motivated, but too large gap between the ideal and reality, when I put a lot of energy, the spirit of the Yellow River to the heart does not die attitude to Taobao customer operations after they found and profitable distance seems to be more and more far, Taobao is really off no profit potential? The answer is no, because Taobao does not make money off, only the incorrect operation. In the operation of Taobao passengers on the road, should think and do organic unity.

one, think about how to execute and achieve strong execution

why do as a force? Because the force is continuing forever, the operation of the website also is a continuous process, so the need to continue the execution, the execution is also plagued many webmaster, as long as the web site operators to the right track, it can become shuaishouzhanggui, obviously this is not true, even Taobao looks very successful, but if not until execution, without the correct operation, will soon become the past, replaced by others.

So how to

execution power? Is the source of executive power, executive power is to do and the organic unity, before Taobao’s passenger operations, you think you have no power to do Taobao customers, for the products you want to do have a very deep understanding or interest, these are the source of power if there is, then, should be how to do every day, but also should think of emergency plan carefully, because you may plan to do every day, always because of various defects caused can not be completed, then your emergency plans in where, how to solve these problems.

two, Taobao will do with them and think off

At first glance seems to run Taobao

off with a mysterious coat, but it is undeniable that now what to do should go, if you must trend, it will obviously win unless you have a head broken and bleeding, the ability for small and medium long, this ability even if there is, it is do not get enough financial support, so as a webmaster, should be in the trend of environment, find a method of innovation, so that make the pot of gold belongs to own in this situation.

is now running Taobao off the trend where lies in social sharing, beautiful and natural core power to promote this trend, as a webmaster, how to rely on this trend to find their own profit, you need some innovative ideas that, if blindly, you certainly have no chance to Taobao customers because, as personal webmaster is difficult to manage the large social sharing Taobao off site.

because you can imagine, when you operate social sharing sites, although the user can rely on elaborate to share website attracted traffic, but the inevitable emergence of Taobao store manager active release >

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