Refute the wheat field how did 51 develop

I haven’t write a blog, online today to see a crop to write "51" is how the development of , suddenly feel that there is something to say, speak out.

I’ll write about my idea then.

wheat field article, I summarized as four (when I was in primary school Chinese language, the text of the central idea is always can not find, now make up missed lessons)

1, the domestic blog is not reliable, whether it is technical personnel or non technical personnel.

2, ant net is the other two XX nets, XX net 5-8 times a day increase the number of users.

The essence of the development of

3 and is "51 is resolutely throwing money out of BBS users, and it is still smashing.". That’s the essence of the 51 development model,

4, made an advertisement to recruit.Net programmers.

I’d like to make my comments about him at 4.

1, domestic blog published something not reliable must all bloggers to combat domestic such a large area, it is proud of it, I love Hong Bo kseo blog in the famous words. "I do what I think. You read with your intelligence. Don’t think I have any interest in misleading you.". To believe that they have been misled by the intellectual disabled half sorry for you."

2, website traffic can be advertised, but VC are not stupid, I do not have any good way to investigate the flow of each site, using a less reliable way, alexa. I grabbed two drawings and just scratched them.

the first 360 laps of the campus, Mayi happy at home, the campus obviously higher than everyone. (forget to add


In addition to seeing an explosion of happy growth,

second did not see ants 5 or 6 times more daily than others. Did I choose the comparison site wrong? Ha ha, do not know the wheat field and who else, trouble wheat field to talk about.

3, the wheat field, said, "51 is firmly hitting BBS users with money and is still hitting it.". "This is the essence of the 51 development model." I basically disagree. My view is that losing money is necessary at the right time, but it is not the key to success. Where is the key to success? I think it is "any Internet product success is the essence of his inner quality, namely the word-of-mouth marketing" we say it is good, can not satisfy the user in a certain aspect of demand; Internet products, users can.

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