What is the key to the success of soft Wen daily flow

said soft Wen this word, do SEO are not strange. And write soft text skills is what, Title?. Yesterday in Post Bar issued such an article shocking! France warm-up match, soccer again tackles France ", attracted a lot of traffic, looks like this is the soft knife on the site, said the benefits? You must try to do post title to a good point. Let others have the desire to see. That’s what someone sees. You write better, the title is not attractive, who will look at the Nocturne, analyze the good articles, draw the title, in fact, they write the best.

I think this is the user experience bar, before writing soft text, to stand in the user’s point of view, what is the most they want to see, what can attract their eyeballs?. Take the happy farm game. What does he mainly catch?. Steal this behavior is condemned in real life, this desire has sunk into the subconscious forever. But in this virtual game, you naturally love it when you release such unwarranted possession of other people’s belongings without punishment. Then we want is the title, the success of soft Wen daily flow of thousands of what is the key, Title?. Secondly, it is content. Without a good title, readers are lazy to see, the title should go deep into the reader’s heart, and resonate with it, or dispute, your soft Wen will be half of the success. How do you write the title,


first, the road line.

Such as "

" shocking! Won Bin sat between Jang Dong Gun legs

do not take into "GG" or "handsome cover of Won Bin’s FANS in HC" because both FANS and FANS only yuan in look, and the first title, at least can help you attract more accounted for more than 50% and the number of energy-saving energy-saving. It can arouse curiosity and gossip. Title add magic, shock, super ray what.

second, friendship line type.

this is familiar to everyone. For example, you would say that Li Xiang married life with Lee diamond is not harmonious, you certainly can not take the title of "Li Xiang married life", you can go salon perceptual route: "after marriage half, Li Xiang bitter inhuman who know" or "soft violence go concert route: Women’s innocent husband beat evil? Li Xiang Li Xiang after marriage life again", which can cause a wide range of compassion to others.


good at giving systematic guidance

this is simple, that is, to lower IQ, that is, let others think of you, or you want to express the kind of thing is really speechless. "Such a wife, who can endure?" in short, must belittle their intelligence, so that everyone who come in to see how low the level, there are words to say, let him think he is higher than you. After all, everyone has a heart to heart. This is temptation.

fourth digital extraction, quantitative change, eventually affecting qualitative change.

digital extraction is multifaceted, not only combined

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