Returning to simplicity might make your online marketing a success

development of China’s network 10 next year, the real development is a few years ago, and now the network is full of exaggeration, as it is now China network transition period, the old heard those what celebrity said foreign cyber source excellent than Chinese, more people say Chinese day wasted 2 million 500 thousand hours to search for an answer, as Americans, for 30 seconds, and Chinese for 60 seconds, the reason is China network garbage, many loopholes. Hear and see these young man, my heart really uncomfortable.

Chinese website is only in recent years crazy growth, China’s large population base, will hear the webmaster, rich, in the network the number of fishing gold, all want to join this emerging industry. Can be hard to do stand but not much, want to take a shortcut to the PR value, hang black chain, in order to get spam links everywhere; traffic, looking for a popular search term, and add their own stand completely irrelevant things in their own website, lead to invalid flow, in order to satisfy their vanity; money, find loopholes, BUG.

but we found out that those who are clever, are finally getting the punishment they deserve, or they feel so meaningless and give up, that is to say, these websites have disappeared. What’s left is a website that does what you’re really doing and helps people’s lives. You would say that a batch of garbage stations fell, another came, and more. Will be more, and I just said, this is a transitional period of Chinese network, I ask you, you do a dumpster, fail down, can you do the dumpster? The rest to practice is to put a speculation, finally also fail, wait for reincarnation. The real strength of the site, the more, the search engine will take the trash to the front row? At that time, the inside of the front engine is that batch of websites that are really useful, garbage station will never stand up. At that time, China’s network will mature, and will become the current situation in foreign countries, we all feel that search efficiency is high.

nagging a lot, you will think that I am writing with the title out, no, I am going to do in order to "simple" these 2 words, above a large margin, also highlighted the "simple" station will have a way out. What is "simple", if you are the master, here is the simple diligently do stand, if you are a network marketing, here is simple and honest.

the whole network is full of exaggeration. People prefer simple things and prefer plain language. Here, for example, the same sales tea, a sales with a paragraph to advertise: XX tea from XX when, where the bubble out, tea clear, fragrant overflow, make tea, please choose XX tea. Another sale uses a web page to pick up the tea scene, the production process, and so on. When you see the ad in front, you will consider whether you want to buy it and try it, and when you see the ad behind, when you >

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