Do business with more business thinking

has been doing websites for some time, and the income is not high, which is the average level of most webmaster. To observe a period of time, at the grassroots website this one, in fact with most other industries, there are a few star webmaster, can do an annual income of millions or even tens of millions, the rest are located in the middle and lower reaches, the monthly income from hundreds to thousands of dollars. Although many webmaster secret attraction station, such as "how I do a monthly income of tens of thousands of this post, but that everyone can see, there are many marketing and advertising, can really make a lot of money people probably won’t come here to feeble. In fact, many grassroots Adsense dry work is done, group building, pseudo original, mass, are very boring, very energy consuming work. There are many friends are confused, do some time, the effect is not obvious, began to give up, and I have had such experience, but all the way down, or learned a lot.

recently studied the practices of some low key experts on the Internet, and felt new experiences in doing this. In fact, the website is also a business, we don’t want to do website and site, in order to the chain outside the chain, the site as a business to think, in fact, a lot of confusion will disappear. Imagine a web site and a roadside shop is not what is different, the cost of the website server, shop to rent, websites need to flow, also need to store customers at the roadside shop in order to attract pedestrians on the road, the site is possible to attract traffic, shop to attract people what to do. Publicity, advertising, if a lot of people feel good, then there is a reputation and brand, website to attract traffic, it is nothing more than advertising, the chain, content construction and reputation. If you tell people well, if someone finds a new client for you, you deduct the percentage from him. On the Internet, this is the advertising alliance,.

all the way down, we will find that the website and the actual business is actually not what different nature, different only in its existing form, and the site also has its special advantage, effect is not influenced by geographical space, the cost is relatively low. If you are a manager, you certainly want to please one or two assistants, actually we truly visionary webmaster, also part of the website construction and propaganda work please people to do, but not by their own toil to do. Because of the success of the webmaster, should focus on the direction and decision-making to grasp, construction details if Qinliqinwei words is a lot of energy, the efficiency is not high, can put some trivial details to more professional people to do.

that’s why I say do have business thinking, and now I have a monthly income website have come up with some fixed investment to ask people to do advertising and promotion, monitoring their focus on keyword research and the results of SEO life much easier than before, but also more stable income in fact, the site is essentially a burn cause, if you can’t increase but continue to use the human way of investment, that you may never be able to this industry further.

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