Day P2000 monthly income of over ten million sounds like bragging

once, I asked the graph king – I don’t have to direct the local station asked him what is the monthly income, generally speaking, the famous webmaster are confidential, so for this, I asked him: "how many web site advertising revenue accounted for the total income?" the king said: "1/3


I said that my station (then) only 2000IP, the best monthly income of nearly 10W, Wang Wang surprised, normal can reach 1W/ months, the king Wang answered only one word: "strong"

it sounds incredible – – it’s really incredible – but after listening to me, you’ll see.

first, positioning your site, most of the webmaster is consciously or unconsciously to your site is set into an information platform, after all, is an information center, is the carrier of all kinds of information released. But if you only know this, as a personal website, for now, unless you are strong in the category of your site, you will have a high income, because the information needs is authoritative media. For example, when you think of webmaster information, you think of CHINAZ, think of ADMIN5, why? Because in this category, they’re the boss. But any one category, can serve as a boss on a few stations; from the consumer psychology in terms of each category, the subconscious mind only accepted and recognized a few boss, everyone can not act as a boss, otherwise there is no boss.

I want to say here is another level, do not easily put your site as simply as an information platform, even if the attribute of each website has information platform, but only this location is not enough; unless you are the one and only creative, you find or create a category. Virgin, as long as you start immediately become the whole category of the boss, but this innovation was so difficult! So, your website and then add new attributes, this belongs to the sales force, the smart people already know what I had to say; your website at the same time as a a sales platform, which is not only a platform for information dissemination, so your site will have vitality.

Djedje network (JJ88.COM) did not put all the attention on the structure of the information platform at first, but it was the joint effort of an information platform and a sales platform. Never do anything that states that the law forbids it. Jejenni is a financial stock station, we will first think, as the stock station that is "to send the horse, make dirty money", this is the first location to violate the law, it shall do so, also do not long. My position is: make a not make investors money platform, but to make a money platform help investors, I made a commission of a group purchase platform, share knowledge and learning platform, a stock real exchange platform; of course I have known this requires very high on the stock to and this is a very important premise; so I said to do their own expertise, if you do not have the expertise, is not possible.

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