Little yellow recommend a post attracted 900P

now domestic SEO, site optimization of a lot of fierce, here I mainly talk about their own personal experience, experts directly drive away.


small donkey home, Baidu included four individuals, was very pleased, because the domain name from the point of view, only a two level domain, and the space is the people (in fact, the forum of a 5D6D), so the weights of the domain name from the point of view, I have to. Secondly, I’ll try my best to see how to get more IP, hey hey,


I do is a tourist forum in Sanya, most of the information is related to Sanya tourism, but I have set up a special plate for everyone to advertise, I use this section to make IP.

previously worked in a SEO article read a word, remember: "edge ball" and pornography, actually here "pornography" is not only the mapping out of the erotic, interest, hobby, lure is…… So, I made a recent movie we are more concerned about the information, and said "download", then the URL to Baidu Post Bar in a ip500, the first day, second days, more than 300 days, third is affixed to the top, then the top more than 100…… If the administrator does not delete, before the movie came out, every day you top, every day there are more IP.

above information looks a bit like cheating IP, but I have not done so, or honestly do site, road to life.

posting for the first time, the content is very rough, please point out,


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