Congratulations on your loneliness your 30 day website rank in 1 million

this morning to open the webmaster toolbox to see my site rankings is 940 thousand, yesterday is 1 million 10 thousand. Finally in 1 million, think of this month the establishment of the day, I have mixed feelings.

This website

has more than 200 topics, they are either my original, or I collected, there will be a bunch of my blood; the site has more than 2000 links, each link to pay my energy. For it, I added more than 100 QQ group (many do not add); not registered under the 50 forum, 10; blog space blog; RSS subscription to see hundreds of articles to learn. I even saw every one can leave the URL of the blog to see a message, each rank about the site I will apply for Links in website or, add QQ to pull the friendship. (because Baidu is not included, almost all were rejected.)

these are not what the most unbearable is that my speed is very slow! School is the province’s broadband, every night everyone in the Internet, I this together with 1700 yuan of second-hand computer time when bandwidth preemption is lost. Sometimes full of ideas, is not to do, can not wait for the computer to hit


and others in order to stagger the time, I often surf the Internet. Then in the middle of the night to attend during the day time is exhausted. Once sleep is incense, the students were photographed. The teacher to play jokes on me: " you this class ah, Sishuifeishui, I observed a period you couldn’t see the real sleep without." after this old classmates said, the teacher for me. I really know.

passionately devoted

because I almost all the time to do a website, the seven or eight courses of the school, there are many experimental work groups, I totally ignored. Sometimes forced to think, and tired and frustrated. Many people seem to be weaker, a trifle, will feel particularly helpless in the middle of the night. Wake your boyfriend do not know how many times, can not remember how many times in the phone, crying out to him. And the relationship with classmates, and become more indifferent, even walking, eating, I’m in a hurry, can’t wait to get back to the computer by.

is the joy of success and worry as much. When the website ranking ahead a little; when the GG included my website; when a keyword query, when my site in the front row; when more people registered to my site; when I wrote the article there are many viewers when…

at the beginning of November, still do not know how to click Wangzhuan a friend and I built this website. I just learned CMS system, as well as the installation and management of this forum, I am responsible for good friends to discuss the promotion website. After a month, I learned some " click Wangzhuan ", in order to market;; station well, I have my own personal experience, with the click, rebate.


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