Does blog marketing choose independent blogs or free blogs

although blog marketing and micro-blog marketing can not be mentioned in the same way, blog marketing is still not to be ignored, celebrity blog is still more popular. Most network marketers still choose to establish connections through blog marketing, blog marketing, blog marketing through the establishment of the studio, engaged in network promotion work through blog marketing, blog marketing is for giving and sharing, content and professional knowledge to attract readers loyal. Blog is a tool for information publishing and transfer. Blog has certain advantages as network marketing.


although blog marketing is not as hot as micro-blog marketing, but blog through original share, the article is more professional and readable. Micro-blog marketing tends to "micro-blog" activity, and micro-blog has some limitations in its transmission and forwarding. Compared with the enterprise blog website, the content and the theme of the blog appeared more active; compared to blog and news website portal, released without any charges; compared with the blog marketing forum, forum posting no blog official blog and information platform; compared to the amount of information and more flexible. Network marketing blog marketing is required. Can also choose micro-blog blog marketing marketing marketing, but micro-blog needs to spend more energy to operate micro-blog marketing fans, only need to use the free micro-blog platform to build their own independent blog, seo blog article writing and business can be.

micro-blog marketing in the end is to build their own independent blog or choose a free blog? In the forum made a survey, as the release of the number of participants is not ideal, screenshot as follows. It shows that people still support building independent blogs, and other blogs consider it. After all, the establishment of blog early blog weight and the collected sex is not very good, long-term operation down blog weight and collection of sex will be steadily improved, in the establishment of the early blog, you can consider using free blog. For example, the collection of good Baidu space, and dispatch blog, and some people choose Tianya blog, sina blog. Sina blog if a senior blogger, the article is well written, you can get recommendations, so that you can bring traffic for independent blog. Want to do network marketing, build personal brand, or choose independent blog, independent blog unrestricted, free blog, some articles published is limited, not to mention advertising. You can also consider the column blog platform. For example, Rui Rui, DoNews, chianz, A5 and so on, through the column contribution to enhance the writing skills of the article, to enhance independent blog flow.

survey screenshot as follows:



blog has some advantages as a marketing tool: 1. from the blog itself, the blog has a different audience, readers have some specific groups, so the blog segmentation more accurate positioning, advertising. 2., each blog has a unique audience, groups of the same hobby, circle, high confidence, good reputation, so interactive communication good. 3. celebrity blogs, blogs and reviews

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