Four key decryption SEO counterparts compete magic

SEO operating model is a business model, is one of the tens of thousands of business competitions in today’s society. The SEO industry is in the network competition, but still you die I die fighting, is not a bullet in the head of the glint and flash of cold steel arena. As long as there are places where rivers and lakes exist, where there are people, there is competition. Since it is the competition of course, to know ourselves, you can. Today, Xiao Bian will decrypt SEO counterparts competition magic weapon, analyze the secrets of SEO.

reverse evaluation, only the enemy baizhanbudai

one, keyword evaluation,

same webmaster, of course, to more professional view of opponent’s Web site. As everyone knows, the importance of keywords on the site, the core of the site competition is the keyword competition. Opponent website do well, high flow, is the use of what keywords, evaluation of opponents different key words, is to evaluate the opponent website content essence. But this is not enough, but also to the station with their owners point of view, if it is their own, how to do the keywords, own method and other what is different, what are the pros and cons of keywords evaluation focus.

two, social media construction,

The new development of

2013 website, community is also a very important aspect. The website community turns into the big head of the website development in the new period, many websites all take seriously very much. But how to do socialization, how to do to meet the needs of users, this is still in the exploratory stage. Therefore, at this time, you need to compare different sites, which one can better meet the needs of users, from which to choose, or combined with innovative models suited to their website. But one more thing to note is that operability is important for things that are going on. For example, there is a dedicated client, of course, good, but is not operational, the user is not really going to download and so on.

layers of tracking, seize the source of profit

SEO entrepreneurship is natural for profit, reference to other people’s Web site, of course, is to refer to the profit point of other people’s Web site. And webmasters know that the content of the site is the decisive factor. Well, in reference, what is worth learning from is the data sources and anchor files of your opponent’s website. Similar content of the same type of website, the source of pseudo original nature is very important. There is one point on the chain tracking, this can be carried out through Baidu’s chain tracker. According to the outside of the chain of our external chain construction, is for opponents against the pain point.

roles, guest experience from rival essence

actually visit the same type of Web site, I believe many webmaster will do, but the webmaster but can’t avoid a "occupational disease", is to a webmaster’s eyes to see each other’s Web site. There are two shortcomings in doing so. One is that the webmaster is understanding each other’s psychology, so it is impossible to look at the opponent’s website in an objective way. Two is if as a webmaster to see the opponent’s Network >

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