Desert camel king network sales specialty win the initiative

"desert camel king" and his "desert camel king" native products

, a camel king in Xinjiang, Urumqi, is known to most people. In the minds of the surrounding farmers, he is relying on local products and build up the family fortunes wholesale merchant Wang Lubing. In the foreign people’s eyes, it is synonymous with Xinjiang native; facing increasingly fierce competition in the domestic market products, he changed the traditional sales model to network, open up new ways of Xinjiang native to the country, into the world.

"desert camel king" let outsiders know Xinjiang

, 38, is a native of Xinjiang. Wang Lubing. 92 years, the soldier in Fujian, retired Wang, gave up the local superior working environment, and resolutely returned to his hometown Urumqi, with the army after the army thousands of quick military fees, from the wholesale local specialty business. Over the past 10 years, after he hands out of the Xinjiang specialty is not only popular in the sky from north to south, Shanghai, Beijing, also married in Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Hongkong and other places. "Desert camel king" trademark has become a stranger to understand Xinjiang native products of a business card. By doing more and more business in the local industry veteran of many years he has "desert camel king" in the world.

asked why choose entrepreneurship, by native Wang Lubing said: in the service period, his Xinjiang nuts, Tian Yu, smoked horse intestines, smoked horse meat, raisins, walnuts and other products to the Fujian troops serving well from all corners of the country and leading comrades love. From then on, I began the idea of wholesale local products after the army.

"desert camel king" network sales specialty win first opportunity

as Wang Lubing’s native business very influential, Wang Lubing’s career began to slump. With the gradual opening of Xinjiang and the mainland and Central Asian countries, the construction of infrastructure in Xinjiang, more and more people are engaged in the wholesale business of dry produce, and problems arise in both the specialty and the sale. In order to get rid of the unfavorable situation, he personally visited the surrounding county farmers, with years of friendship with farmers and higher than the average price of 2 yuan per kilogram of other wholesalers to buy, to ensure the origin of local products.

new economic benefits for local growth, he pioneered the website sales platform in the industry (, in order to highlight the rich variety of specialty varieties, as a platform named "Xinjiang specialty network". Today, almost all the authentic, delicious and exquisite handicrafts from Xinjiang can be found online.

In order to promote and enhance the

website visual effect on the site, Wang Lubing in addition to website promotion professionals, also went to Beijing, Guangzhou and other places to invite domestic senior art personnel on site visual effects "pulse", plus their willing to eat bitter! Soon, with a strong style of Xinjiang’s native products of Xinjiang. The network attracted millions of people to visit. Site operations for more than two years, a week nearly 1000 of orders, or let him feel gratified.

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