Case analysis Baidu closely monitor any action on the site

with the adjustment of Baidu algorithm and the increasing improvement of Baidu search technology, Baidu has recently become more and more strict in monitoring the website. Previously, if the site navigation column, website forum to do minor alterations, as long as it does not involve the title of the website or web site keywords, Baidu basically does not make what punishment to the website, but now is not the same, even if the navigation section of the site to do a little modification, with the coming of the results is: home page snapshot of a file, site keywords ranking fell below for instance.

on the employment of college students network as an example, on June 5th the home page Baidu snapshot is June 1st, night idle, I opened my own website, the home page to see it again and again, the heart does not always feel satisfied with the navigation column on the website, so I put the navigation of the two columns of the employment situation of college students, the employment of college students confused and then changed into special employment policies, the employment rate of College students. The morning of June 6th I a result, scared me, home page snapshot to May 22nd, the website traffic has been reduced, once again found several key sites do not know where to go away.

also in these days, online everywhere to see such a message: "recently, Baidu will be Baidu search business for large-scale updates, the new Baidu ranking rules will be more conducive to user experience.". About webmasters are more concerned about the ranking algorithm, the source said, the new algorithm will be integrated Baidu independent research and development of intelligent identification system. Illegal outside the chain, BBS signature will be included in a chain statistics. And increase penalties for violations of seo. Snapshots in 5.22 of the site will be the first Baidu punishment, including many well-known websites such as NBA and so on." Now my online snapshot is also 5.22, is my station also be Baidu K can not? Really worried about the heart ah.

worried about worry, but these days I still constantly updated original or pseudo original articles, but fortunately Baidu also has every day included, which gave me a little confidence. This morning, again, site home page found that snapshot has returned to 6.1, although the snapshot is not the latest, but the heart has relieved a lot.

from the above example we can see that Baidu is now monitoring the site has become more and more strict, as a webmaster especially new sites, not to cannot but don’t change the website title and keywords for each forum site navigation and site is also best not to adjust. Now is the Baidu crackdown period, I hope this article can help the webmaster.

my writing is not good, just want to express their point of view, the twins are not afraid of you, but please don’t cuss. Copyright statement: This article by the university student employment network ( webmaster original, welcome to reprint. Please keep this information, such as deletion, declined to reprint.

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