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editor’s note: the author is a happy day of the week star (micro-blog Monternet founder [email protected] happy dream master Zhou Xing, blog address http://s.blog.sina.com.cn/u/1628095833), read only one impression, grassroots webmaster dare dare to do, you feel:


looked at 36 krypton recent "face no profit model of entrepreneurial projects, investors how to see, how entrepreneurs break" article, there are some feelings, nagging, nagging.

, like most of the webmaster, I’m just a grass root, without the bad background of the big guys at the GMIC conference. But I have long contact with the average net friend and know what they think.

for entrepreneurs, domestic investment environment than foreign, and this is a fact, Lei Jun also said, "only cast acquaintances."". First of all, because there are too many people, too many entrepreneurial projects, investors face massive amounts of information, "cast Acquaintances" have higher priority, it is understandable. On the other hand, we can see that the investment philosophy of "seeing people" is entirely different from the idea of "project" abroad. For most domestic grassroots, if there is no relationship, it is almost impossible to get investment.

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this raises the question of whether to invest in projects or investors, if only to invest in "Acquaintances", that is not a high interest loan. "The strategy of just putting on an acquaintance", right? In the end, is the market deciding the success or failure of a project, or is it a person (entrepreneur) or a group of people (entrepreneurial team)?

and this environment is not only higher requirements for entrepreneurs, but also for investors. This requires investors in the complicated venture eye essence, not only have the ability in the short term some functional value of products, but also from the long-term point of view some of the cultural value of the product, it is also a process of accumulation, is the need of these efforts.

if I hold it for example, you can see a few years ago, Facebook is not the first time Google profit, also do not profit, it is of course in foreign countries, there are many domestic similar to the Google team or individual, unfortunately, they are not investors acquaintance acquaintances, so we can hard to see. They are just serious about doing their own products and really listening to the needs of users. I think, as an investor, a lot of time should be spent on the project itself experience, but also a multi angle experience, a long time pondering, rather than 5 minutes to make a conclusion. Like American Idol, sometimes you need to spend some time on some reliable project, because if you don’t give the "look" of the project is not reliable, the pursuit of security, trust the people, that is the equivalent of washing down >

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