Do garbage stations should also be targeted to do

is not a survey did not have statistics, do not know every day to A5 webmaster in how the industry is doing, and how much is the so-called dumpster, no investigation no right to speak, at least I know I can say that the 10 circles are 9.5 webmaster do garbage station, regardless of whether he is a month to earn ten thousand or one hundred, others have seen on definitions shown in the dumpster, saying is to get in on your site in other sites can bring to you, but there is a copy of another website only, and not in the whole Internet large value. In fact, the real innovation on the Internet, the one and only what and how many do, Sina, Sohu, NetEase, who would not say he is a garbage station, but Sina News on the ninety-five percent can be found in several other news portals verbatim, the network itself is the one you copy me, I copied you. Or how will the world network a large copy of the statement, happy net 001 and Thousand Oaks fake happy is an example! So I referred to in all the garbage station is defined as: all rely on search to earn money on advertising and profit site called

station!I always think that

is a matter of individual stationmaster in not very rich a group, so the website and the creative mouth is tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands can we get lost on the side. Although it seems likely that his future will be very rich way, may one day be a VC throw to the ball but in my eyes, it seems all of the future is just a mystery, at least in this so-called 1 million 500 thousand webmaster circles can play the people I think is not much, so I also is compared love to discuss the so-called garbage station, is also suitable for the so-called personal webmaster, a domain name, a space, a combination of CMS is a website first. Who would dare not do that so-called dumpster people must not do what the so-called "major" people live moisten. However, individuals with different ambitions have different orientation. But I personally think that if a ten thousand IP income and a one thousand IP website income can be directly equated with the so-called "equal sign", why should I choose that ten thousand IP?.

then back to the topic, how to maximize the benefits of garbage station, the first web traffic around the so-called advertising to do, but don’t let the ads become the website foil, we want to do is to put the site effect for the entire advertising foil, so as to form a so-called garbage station overall. If you like the advertising profit pattern is like pop like, then you will be the theme of the entire site around IP do, do not have to consider the so-called PV, also do not go too to consider the so-called user experience, so the big and good keyword traffic do to do that, do this the type of website, in a very short period of time to tens or even hundreds of thousands are not impossible, the day before yesterday in stationmaster net will see a webmaster site has not been included Baidu, only station for three days, the website IP reached ten thousand, rely on this kind of keyword. But his station >

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