Ah Jiang site to professional but also simple


does not know how long, the Internet is considered as a technology, even once the Internet and drove together as one of the two technologies in twenty-first Century must grasp, Internet is mysterious, is a high-tech. But now, the network is no longer a tool, and became a toy, men and women old and young, understand the computer do not understand the computer, there is no culture of culture, will not typing typing, everything on the Internet, no one came, you just tell him which is the power switch the Internet, which icon, point which icon on the line chat.

then, the internet no longer belongs to a minority of "elite", but began to belong to the majority of "rookie."".

rookie, this is not discrimination, because let all people to learn network technology, just like all Chinese people to learn English is impractical. So unless they are interested in technology, we should allow Internet users to use the Internet without learning.

why web site will become the home for her thousands on thousands of computer? Let the Internet become only need to click, open the computer, IE, hao123 came out, and then want to watch the news news, want to see the stock stock, want to see the weather watching the weather, want to check the ticket check ticket, want to play the game to play the game, listening to music on the songs, as long as the little mouse on the line. A lot of people are very old, but they don’t know what "web site" is, and those things with slashes, dots and letters are terrible for many Chinese people.

said the letter, now English or long domain, in the circle of ordinary users is difficult to mix. Long ago, a friend of her personal home page, domain name (or at the two level domain) is the subject of rosestory, literal translation is the story of English rose? Understand people who have mood, but do not understand English people, such a long domain is to life, remember the possibility is almost zero.

said the domain name, remember, typical is Baidu, a lot of how not to lose, web site people will lose baidu.com, and let them lose google.com, but that is quite difficult. Also, people remember is "Baidu",.Com is no one to remember, just see more think so to write like URLs, so to say, although the Google with shorter G.cn, ordinary users still remember. In addition, the MP3 (Baidu search, know, Post Bar, these are sufficient to cater to the rookie level and the success of the Internet, specifically not elaborate, or full of articles that he, like the gun with Baidu.


is back to my free domain name, using the 51.La statistics of the domain name, then hesitated for a long time, finally used, after all.Com short note to the domain name can be in not much, and if so English words containing the stat domain name, and very worried about English not good webmaster not remember. Not like the 51.La Pinyin name easy to remember. But >

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