A probe into the profit model of online shopping websites creative articles

‘s online shopping website has been around for a long time. In 2004, a website called woot was born in the United states. So many people will ask, only selling a product every day, then this site turnover can there? Can sell a few goods? Can maintain the website operation? Can realize the site’s profit? With this problem, we find a series of data.

as everyone knows, in 2008, the global financial crisis, and is triggered by the subprime crisis in the United States, that is the most serious area should belong to the United States, then, in the United States woot year turnover reached $100 million, the other countless websites look helplessly.

so how does the idea of selling only one commodity a day come from? Where does his theory come from,


let’s start with consumer behavior to see how this idea came about:

: first, from the consumer’s purchase decision on the concept of mental cost by more and more people used in electronic commerce, in other words, we buy a commodity in the network, the first to make a decision in the heart, this process is costly, can be understood as the time cost, the cost comparison and Selection Study on cost, etc..

then how to reduce the mental cost? We throughout most of the mall, such as Taobao, excellence, Dangdang (ranking part order) and other sites, all commercial buildings, many types, we have to choose to buy goods on long, long contrast. So, it is not difficult to see that such a daily woot shopping site, by type of products to reduce, even reduced to only one to reduce mental cost, thus affecting the user quick decisions, form purchase behavior.

it is easy to see that one of the sources of creativity is to reduce variety and reduce mental cost.

secondly: from the point of view of promotion, sales promotion is to promote the sale of goods, and some methods should be adopted to reach them. These methods are the promotion methods. We have common promotion methods is the use of people’s sense of urgency to encourage consumers to rapid turnover, while making a concept of shortage of goods, is often seen "emergency demolition, crazy sale last three days," a kind of marketing tactics. If there is only one day left, and the countdown, and even the last few, and particularly cheap, then it will make consumers a sense of psychological crisis, urgency, and prompt to feel the order.

well, we see that one of the sources of his creativity from the promotion point of view is the use of time limited purchasing to induce a sense of urgency for only one day.

third: from similar interests and market competition group purchase website this website for consumers, because the website traffic is large, after operation, has a unique advantage, can negotiate with manufacturers a competitive price, and the price factors on consumer purchase behavior influence, sometimes even a decisive factor for example, the domestic taobao.com, we.

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