mprove the user experience improve the conversion rate of e commerce sites

we know, the user experience for any Internet products is very important, it can be said that the product life.

, and for the electricity supplier, the user experience is directly reflected in the conversion rate. Ultimate KPI purchase conversion rates spin off KPI as the core task in the process of conversion rates at all levels.

simply stated in the following formula:

purchase conversion rate = conversion rate, 1* conversion rate, 2* conversion rate, 3* conversion rate 4…

Description: conversion rate 1,2,3,4… Refers to the completion of the core task of the electricity supplier network – purchase tasks must go through the process of each step of the conversion rate. Use group buying network as an example:

conversion rate, 1= access, commodity details page, number of users / number of users accessing home page

conversion rate 2= submission order user / access commodity detail page user number

conversion rate, 3= payment, page selection, payment mode, number of users / number of users submitting orders,

conversion rate 4=, successful payment of user / payment, page selection, payment method, number of users,

therefore, in order to improve the overall business net purchase conversion rate, we need to split out every conversion rate increase.

How does



first look at the first conversion rate,

conversion rate, 1= access, commodity details page, number of users / number of users accessing home page

the determinants of this conversion are:

1, whether the goods and services are needed by the user, and whether the cost performance makes the user satisfied (the most important),

Does the user experience of

2 and home information architecture be enough for users to get the information they want in a very short period of time (


3, is the flow brought by the marketing department a high quality group buying potential user (sub important)

if you talk about the job of the division manager and the website product department:

The first two factors of

are very important.

substation business managers need to study local consumer habits, looking for consumption patterns, and targeted search for goods and services.

optimization page information architecture to study user eye tracking, user access and access to psychological, the users are most concerned about the content in the best way; including page layout, page level, page logic, eye movement trajectory set, while optimizing the pictures and text of goods and services is also very important. This is the responsibility of the product department.

here’s a little bit about the home page optimization of the savings group:

you’ll find that the pictures of the home page are the most important, followed by the price, followed by the lines of text above

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