How does website construction enter the atrium of the user

, what are we doing for our website? There’s only one purpose – to satisfy users. Only websites that really meet the needs of users can be considered the best websites.

understanding of user needs is a difficult thing, it’s like one thousand readers in mind there are one thousand images of Hamlett, unless we can walk into the user’s heart, otherwise it is very difficult to grasp the user’s real idea. Today, might as well share with everybody the website construction experience – – how enters the user’s atrium.

first, always communicate with the user and understand the user’s needs. This is the most direct and effective method. We often call it "vigorous communication"".

in the construction site before, if you go to the survey, you will find that the user will have a lot of ideas, such as some users put forward, hope to demonstrate the specific position, the company on the site at this time, if you are a good analyst site, you should guess, the user may want to see the specific location of their own company through online maps, so we should advise him to the establishment of the development or the introduction of online map function at this time. As a website analyst, you should "communicate energetically" to understand the user’s true intentions.

however, only communication is far from enough. We should also observe the user’s website usage habits and understand the user’s failure to express the requirements. We often call it "mind comparing with heart"".

users are sometimes not very clear about what they need, and when asked if they need a function, they say, "Oh, that’s a good function. Yes, I need it."." Therefore, when we build the website, we need to "mind than the heart", and make every effort to consider for the user, so as to get the user’s approval. Standing on the user’s point of view is the best way to think about it.

site finally completed construction, network construction personnel may be built on their website, super confident. Maybe in your eyes, websites have been built without any flaws, it should be the slang "the mangy one son, my love". But is that really the case? As long as you know the user’s feedback with an open mind, you might be surprised.

"I didn’t expect users to have so much demand, and we didn’t even think about it." so another important way is to "follow up in time."". Providing users with feedback is an important way to obtain user needs. Moreover, in most cases, users who can write feedback information to us in time are often our most reliable users. Therefore, their suggestions and opinions are of great reference value.

‘s demands for users can never be taken lightly. It’s our pleasure to be willing to take the time to offer us various requirements or suggestions.

no matter whether the user makes good or bad suggestions, we should all accept them with an open mind. This is very important, the website improvements and >

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