After the Baidu K

is now the key to the station is to rely on search engines, search engines include Chinese search, strong station Baidu, global search cattle station, GOOGLE, and so on. Most of the traffic all of our sites are from the search engine, if the search engine to stop our station updated and included stops included words on our website ", so the survival for us there is no guarantee, no moment may be in the tens of thousands of IP.

is the most important in the domestic Baidu, but in recent years, Baidu’s search ability is completely out of the question, and many search is to rely on artificial intervention, many stations of IP are often subject to their control. Sometimes it’s hard to shut a Baidu. In fact, GOOGLE is good, the global popular search engine, it can also bring a lot of IP for you, such as the station the station is started, not easy to discharge up, but Baidu suddenly stopped on the station included, flow time only less than 1000. At that time it is anxious, but is anxious useless, I adjust the direction of the use of GOOGLE to make flow, adjust, did not expect the traffic can rise so quickly, there was a time IP to 5~6 million, now the stability of IP is also about 30 thousand,

said so much, summed up the point is to do standing, not a tree hanging, should do a lot of work, so that station will have better development, more people know.

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