Talking about the opportunity of group buying outside of hundred regiments war

for small and medium-sized Adsense want to gain income through their own website, the general idea is AdSense, Baidu promotion and some alliances or CPS way advertising income. But this way for professional, regional limited sites, traffic is not large, revenue is also very small, a high click rate, as well as suspected of cheating, and even the risk of data being cleared.

domestic in March, buy Group website is hot, also spawned a group of buy navigation website. At present, buy website in order to promote, generally have invited users for the first time, you can get 1-10 yuan rebate. Buy site has no profit is unknown, but buy navigation site webmaster really is in, through invite links from buy website get the rebate, enjoy free consumption, even cash. Just looking for love group for the group purchase navigation website to invite the link to the first month, the average IP is about one thousand, but it has access to thousands of Yuan rebate, the rebate more group purchase website has beauty group, sweet and glutinous rice.

for the industry group purchase the webmaster how to get a share in the "hundred regiments" in it, although there is no promotion of CPS model group purchase website uses, but the group purchase site navigation will seek the first group launched a "group purchase pendant can let more webmaster make full use of their own resources to get the rebate (see details: Webmaster can set up their own in each group buy site invitation address, and for the pendant orders custom buy site, and then put the pendant code on their site (such as: BBS, blog, etc.). Users click in group purchase website belongs to you the invitation, one more link in the address entered by the pendant, looking for love, looking for love in all show your invitation address, greatly increasing the chance of rebate.


According to incomplete statistics,

conversion in this way users enter the group purchase website rate is 20%, only 5 people will have a personal purchase; 100 people browse this information may have a chance to get a rebate of AdSense%5 hits. But because the group buys the price more attractive, and will have the new group purchase every day, hits the rate to be much higher than the ordinary advertisement. So, just a small corner, you can and buy navigation site owners enjoy free beer and skittles, can also be transferred to the actual proceeds.

so webmaster need to grasp the trend of the Internet, fully tap opportunities, always looking for their own site of income.

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