SNS community marketing bottlenecks Traffic

‘s first bottleneck: the cost of attracting traffic or new visitors is getting higher and higher:

a few years ago, with some network promotion, to attract a new visitors as long as the cost of a few cents (with garbage flows as long as a pop), but now a health visitor could need a few yuan or 10 yuan. Traffic is always a big funnel. It comes quickly and goes quickly. Money to do promotion, the cost will be gone. No money to do promotion, more can only sit back and wait, waiting for visitors to the automatic door. Many webmaster share a bunch of so-called promotion skills, such as BBS, friendship links, blog, SEO, mail group, and so on. I tried almost every year to save money. Most of the sharing experience, or outdated, has not worked, or the effect is very small, although some have brought traffic, but not healthy, and then there is no shadow.

combined with my large enterprises and small Adsense do network push comprehensive experience, the useful promotion way list share:

1. high quality content marketing: now the Internet is "content is king" and live video sites you have NBA rockets, music you have the music of Jay Chou (a special Jay Chou website ranking and traffic was also very high), tourist class you have detailed travel Raiders (HICAFE spend a few months time, few people devoted to the preparation of the content around the world), as long as you do SEO or word-of-mouth marketing, these strong content will bring you a lot of traffic. Unfortunately, the strong content often costs money, like the NBA broadcast, 05 years, the price is millions of dollars at the bottom. So many websites have started by copyright infringement.

hints: "SEO is really useful and free, but it’s hard work and it takes a long time to do it.". Tip: those who deceive the search engine listing keyword practices, even if it brings traffic, but also useless. Because the end user can only be cheated by you once, the text does not mention the web page, the user will not come again next time,..

2. star user marketing: Star users include 2 so-called grassroots stars and really big stars. All walks of life have their own stars, such as 5GME, is based on IT comments, these cattle attract traffic, blog early China is also using Mu Zimei, Wang Jipeng and other network celebrities. Of course, like Sina, it relies on famous fortune to beat blog china. The stars themselves can produce too high quality content. The name Bo bring traffic, but rarely interact with the user, and some are even on behalf of the staff. This kind of name is not very meaningful.

tips: Grassroots star (or network Reds) can not meet, hard to push the possibility of very small. Of course, the successful operation of the site case. Their success is their website (such as Tianya) has a certain amount of traffic and influence. It is best to take advantage of their mining station outside the station and potential network reds, then add a fire to make him more prosperous. I’ve been involved in "Back Dorm Boys" and "Hao Yu" before

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