Shake meal no return is difficult for a long time small communities commercial anxiety

if not the Internet practitioners or deliberately understand the history of the Internet, no meal for the majority of people is a very strange, but it is better than Sina micro-blog earlier, it has been used as the U.S. mission network founder Wang Xing a pioneering project has been retained…… Behind so many tags is the survival anxiety of a niche network community.

"shake" meal, no return is difficult for a long time,

in March 4, 2016, rice, founder Wang Xing in rice has updated a message: recycling more forward, reengineering a day. For a quiet nine years of Internet products, the "jitter" to fans throbbing.

in March 4th and not what meal, it is Wang more well-known venture meituan’s birthday, but Wang did not send this message in micro-blog, but the choice of their own rice has a website – usually quite lonely. "Looking back", "recycling" and other words, can not help "meal no", users unlimited reverie.

jitter is not just Wang, in the news update within a few hours, Fanfou users and managers of compulsory @.rex forwarded Wang news, and announced a rare Fanfou service update: rice has published the picture service updates, in the beautiful cloud help, no meal can be transmitted more frequently and the high quality of the original action figure.

to this day, "rice" is only Wang and the United States under the huge business territory retained, and even its main business far apart. The United States Mission and Wang Xing himself did not comment on any outside speculation, perhaps no meal so has been down, the user is not imagination into reality, perhaps no meal will satisfy all in line with the business logic of the vision: become a Wang Xing business empire is more important, as knowledge and Sogou relationship now, or the Alibaba investment crazy media platform logic.

, but this still can not change the survival of small minority type of company anxiety – WeChat QQ under, micro-blog has turned, unfamiliar street Nai, not to mention watercress, know almost, Tianya, everyone…… These latter are no longer the whole community products that Netcom eats, usually only in the hearts of some loyal fans.

to know almost as an example, this is the youngest of the company community products, even the development of the most successful communities of interest, marriage Sogou recently became an important source of support Sogou search ask.

more famous Tianya low-key last year listed on the new board, according to its financial statements, Tianya 2014 and 2013 year, the company’s main business income was 104 million yuan and 107 million yuan; the amount of the loss is 44 million 650 thousand yuan and 31 million 610 thousand yuan respectively.

Tianya community said that if the company’s cash flow continued to be negative in the future, the company may suffer from financial strain or even exhaustion of funds, thereby affecting the development of the normal business. Tianya acknowledges that it is facing challenges. The company is currently mainly

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