Talking about how to use the site home page slides focus diagram

many friends don’t love with focus map home slide effect, on the one hand may be due to the maintenance focus map slideshows need to spend extra time, on the other hand may be due to disapproval of the functional home focus map effect. In fact, home focus map to help us to better improve the user experience, the role is very big; actually master home focus map skills, webmaster can in a very short time management maintenance home focus map. This article will discuss the actual effect of the home page slide effect focus diagram, as well as some areas that should be paid attention to in the daily website application process.

from the functional point of view, the home focus map has the following practical functions: 1, ornamental. We know that the personal website home page to remove part of the advertising, are generally composed of static text and images, and the home focus map scroll wheel turning can effectively help the site to achieve a combination of static and dynamic effect, give users a visual satisfaction; at the same time, we have to see some color skills webmaster will be good at home focus map color pictures with the style of the whole website of collocation, can well meet the needs of users. 2, content recommendation. According to a description of which, if you can do it through a combination of static and dynamic, to attract the attention of the user, it is easy to present the high quality website content pushed to the target user, the user can attract attention in the first time; we know that personal website, content is actually rarely has an advantage, and for our production advantage content is not high, the user first senses, directly pushed to him, for we retain effective play the role of the users is very large. 3, user guidance. Since the effect of home focus maps is such a good way to attract users, it is actually commercial and functional development. For example, the advertisement of focus chart type and the boot of new on-line function are all functions of the focus map of the front page.

Since the

home focus map has so many functions, the management is not very trouble? For the busy various site work every webmaster, how efficient management and maintenance of the home focus map? I believe that as long as the master key skills and following maintenance, home focus map is not difficult.

, a frequency control; many webmaster do not love the home focus map, that is because the update frequently focus map too troublesome, actually home focus map update frequency without our imagination of so high. Remove some we see the portal, the editorial team large website, the general professional site, the frequency of updates home focus map is very slow, for them, home focus map function is very large, if the content or really need to guide the user, and the need to have other functions, commercial time and to give home focus map updates. So, for the individual webmaster, before using the focus map, you need to make sure its location and when to use it so that you can master the frequency of updates.


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