The 5 great secrets of minimalism help you create a more concise user interface

[editor’s note] the author is Jake Rocheleau, a social media enthusiast and Internet entrepreneur. In his article, he explained some of the secrets of how to design a minimalist web interface based on his personal experience. Here is the minimalist design, eliminating all redundant elements, the design retained in the most basic condition, simple to say, in fact in today’s web interface design used to brilliant and gradual change, is not so easy to imagine using minimalist.

"Less is More" is a famous architect in 1930s. At miesvanderro he said a word, meaning "less is more", this is a simple design concept advocated, against excessive decoration. And "less is more" a concept similar minimalism, it stressed that the most important element and content placed in the most prominent position, eliminating the redundant elements, this is the factors need to be considered in the design process. The reason is simple: there are fewer elements on the page, and it’s easy for visitors to focus their attention on the content and links of the website. So, about how to design a minimalist web interface, let’s listen to Jake Rocheleau’s insights:


1. necessary planning

Before starting the design,

, I’d like to draw a diagram and list all the blocks that the site needs to include. Then ask yourself if each block is important to the overall design and prioritize the importance. For example, do you need a sidebar sidebar? Whether the inside contains important link visitors to enter? Of course, according to the website of different types, there is no standard answer, which requires designers to make specific analysis according to the specific situation.

although there is no standard answer, but at least as a designer, which is good or bad, you have at least the heart should have spectrum. When you understand which page elements are required and which ones are minor, your work will be much easier. Web page is like a jigsaw, every piece of scattered pictures has a unique position, you put the picture, will become rich; the wrong, will not be complete.


2. website is not the more the better color, the easiest way to start from the basic color

a web site, the first impression left by the user, is not the rich content of the site, nor is it a reasonable layout of the site, but the color of the site. To a certain extent, the success of web design depends largely on the use and collocation of colors.

general beginner is easy to use too many colors in the design, in fact, the color of the site is not the more the better, the general control in three colors. Although this is not a hard and fast rule, it is helpful in the initial design stage. If you take a closer look at something like ">"

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