Speed is the life of the website how to ensure the speed of website access

in the website construction process, the speed of access is not to be ignored. Website content and function construction is good, promotion is done well again, what is left over? It is the access speed of the website. What is speed? It is the ability of Web site content and function to be easily acquired by Internet users. If this ability can not keep up, even if the content and function of the site construction is better, promotion work is done in place, the Internet users may eventually because of your web site "can not meet" and had to give up access.

How does

ensure faster access to a web site?

first, the webmaster wants to speed up consciousness. That’s the key. One of the essence of the Internet is fast. If the site access speed is bad, it is contrary to the nature of the internet. According to the Websense survey company, up to 70% of Internet users said they are not willing to read pages on more than 10 seconds, more than 70% of people said the Internet for "slow download speed" and give up online browsing and shopping behavior. The access speed of the website has directly affected the traffic of the website, and the amount of the visit of the website and the benefit of the website are linked directly. Therefore, the speed of the website is very important. To speed as an important work, their website construction related to the event site of vital importance to establish a "speed is life", "speed is the success of" consciousness, eliminate the bottleneck from subjective on the site speed.

secondly, do a good job of page weight loss optimization. The content of the web itself affects the speed of the site’s access. This point must be able to understand clearly. If the home page is beyond a certain size, the speed of access must decline if the speed is constant. Therefore, the size of the homepage must be compressed. In all stations, Baidu home page is probably the smallest, only 3521 bytes. This also guarantees Baidu’s access speed. This is probably one of the secrets of Baidu’s success. Google’s home page is 10408 bytes, smaller, but more than double the size of Baidu. Page weight optimization, there are many specific techniques, engage in Web sites can not help but study.

again, pay attention to hardware construction investment. In hardware construction, according to the development status of the website, make technical configuration accordingly, solve the problem of slow access speed, service bearing capacity is weak, poor safety performance, avoid excessive traffic congestion situation. As China has a vast territory and has many network operators, we must pay attention to the issue of North South interflow. In order to improve the speed of web access, some well-known network service providers have introduced corresponding products, and it is beneficial to select suitable products for small and medium-sized websites to improve the speed of web access.

speed is sometimes more important than content. Station master Shen Zhizai!


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