Why mogujie com is so red some experience about sharing community development operations

with mogujie.com, beautiful said this new shopping share mode became popular, more and more owners to share in the community construction team, but how can this single share mode to attract more users? How can they hold, bring more vitality to the website? Here are some experience to share with friends a.

1, new registered user, add default friend

for it

, a new registered user, loses the meaning of sharing without good friends, leaving little possibility. As a shared community, what he shares must be looked at so that they will have a sense of accomplishment. So after each user registration, be sure to guide them to add some sharing as friends, so that they will not feel lonely.

2, non registered users must pop up the registration prompt box when browsing the site

‘s net friends now like to watch others share, but they don’t want to do it themselves. If the user takes the initiative to register, take the initiative to share the experience, I do not know when to wait until the active person is always only a small part. So, in the conspicuous part of the website, or during the user’s browsing process, pop up the registration prompt box and guide them to register.

3, user visit, prompt mail function,

After the

user is registered, there must be a regular mail return function. Many users will be registered on the site for a while, but they will soon forget or don’t come to the site very soon after registration. So regularly send emails to users who don’t visit the site, recommend selected items and popular activities, evoke users’ interest, and get them into the habit of visiting websites regularly.

4, the initiative recommended boutique

each user has his or her own type of merchandise, and users of different genders and personalities don’t like the same. So, according to the user’s gender, personality, and browsing history, automatically recommend something they might like. Premise: after the new user registration, to guide them to choose their favorite labels, fill out their own personality and expertise.

5, integral, empirical, and hierarchy

people’s heart, vanity determines hierarchy is always the best law of website development. There is no hierarchy, the site is not driven by users with a pool of stagnant water, desire. So be sure to add different points and experiences to users based on the amount of products they share, the number of topics they launch, and the number of times they share their favorite items. Grading system is best to pure digital level, or stars, drills, the moon, the sun and so on can continue to increase the system, so most can stimulate the user’s comparison psychology. In addition, the hierarchy and integration system must be separated, the level can be accumulated, but points can be consumed, for example, can exchange gifts or buy props. Therefore, the hierarchical system is best used in conjunction with the two, one is the level, and the other is integral.

6, share steps >

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