Webmaster union lecture broadcast enterprise battalion Zhang what about network marketing

Zhang He: simply introduce myself: I am responsible for winning the online marketing service team, and now mainly provide integrated network marketing services for enterprises. As a network marketing planner, I first want to self marketing, I hope everyone must have this consciousness.

Zhang He: next, let’s get to the subject of our conversation today.

lecture content: 1. integrated marketing network, 2. search engine marketing, 3. user experience 4., site conversion rate of

network integrated marketing, we simply split the network – integration – marketing.

Zhang He: before we provide integrated marketing services for enterprises, we need to know more about the current business situation, product features, service content and so on. No detailed investigation, there is no right to speak, who said this? Ha ha, earth people know.

, let’s take a look at the survival opportunities of an enterprise:

China’s Internet population reached 316 million people, with the growing number of Internet users, enterprises to win more opportunities on the internet. More and more enterprises begin to promote network promotion as the main way of enterprise and product publicity, and enterprises are paying more and more attention to network publicity.

read the words: "no way, everyone right when looking at the preface bar! This is very important.


Zhang He: we understand that enterprises have such needs, the Internet for enterprises to create more opportunities for profit at the same time, but also for us engaged in Internet marketing people bring more opportunities for entrepreneurship and employment. Let’s get a look at the global situation and hope that everyone will be rewarded after it is finished.

Zhang He: according to the data report of the State Council Information Office released 08 years shows that in the past 4200 China million small and medium enterprises, only 153 of thousands of construction enterprise website, there are still nearly 97% of enterprises do not have a web site. Of these, 51.5% of enterprise websites average daily page visits in less than 50 people. And more than 60% of the information posted through the site of the enterprise website, the proportion is only 28.5%. In other words, only 3% of the small and medium-sized enterprises have really played the role of the website.

Zhang He: we must understand the survival opportunities of enterprises on the Internet from a macro point of view, which will help us to provide better overall marketing services for enterprises.

Zhang He: Well, I would like to share with two business clients who are currently serving. One is the cosmetic industry, is a medical device industry. From our service to analyze the situation, the two industry customers are considered to be profitable is better, and a wide range of investment promotion in the traditional areas of any effective way of marketing are willing to take the initiative to try.

Zhang He: we know that every year, companies advertise on traditional media, and try to put 10% ~ 30% of advertising fees into network marketing. This part fee >

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