Summary of the text of the world with 6 powerful promotional soft writing keywords

soft why exist? When do the world of this problem, and puts forward the soft existence value. Where is the value and the participation of the audience?. So, how to let the object crowd to participate actively, is the soft Wen’s wonderful, or promotion efforts? Line world here not to say anything else, just talk about a few simple and easy to use, with powerful promotion soft text writing keywords.

1, simplification of complex problems, simple.

simplified, more acceptable, such as why after the founding of society to promote the simplified Chinese characters, because the font is more conducive to simplify writing, also let the spread of information more quickly. The same for soft wen.

if a simple and easy soft text and a complex professional soft text in front of the user, the results can be imagined, users will choose the former. Simple, compared to complex, equivalent to high-speed through train, with the shortest possible time, the least effort to bring a better user experience, but also to allow users to accept more happily.

, for example, also promotes whitening products. One is "the simplest fast whitening technique", and the other is "whitening revolution brought about by vitamin C". Obviously, the former is more likely to attract users to read.

2, for the user’s most popular psychology, free of charge.

we all know that there is no free lunch, so little free stuff, so if there is something free, why not? In many soft, and no free so that said, write again good, for the user, also seems to lack a thrust.

if at this time at the end of the article plus "now order", you can get free XX gifts (activities) quota." In this way, certainly can attract many users to participate.

3, with the immediate fast pace, fast.

in the low social productivity of ancient times, slow represents elegance, not for life and running leisurely. And in modern society, the vast majority of people all day long for the sake of life. Such a rush is undoubtedly insulated from "slow". Since the reform and opening to the outside world, the phrase "time is money, efficiency is life" pushes people onto the social life pipeline.

in this case, soft Wen should also bring "fast" concept. "Fast lifting", "rapid whitening", "quick, quick wash" stovepipe ""…… Do not let people impatient to wait, also not for long and boring hard, "fast" time is greatly shortened, but it can get the same effect, it can not help people,


4, give users a reassurance, guarantee.

no matter how good the soft text is written, the user will worry before buying the product: is this product really useful? After using it, is it really effective? If it’s a lie, what should I do?……

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