Watch the development of personal websites from the first video

according to iResearch survey found: the first video network advertising has been far more than Sina, Tencent and other portals online video advertising on PV. first video network with development time what a year more than portals such as Sina, we rely on the small and medium-sized power station network (" let the workers have power "), many joined the site so that the first video quickly became the first true " video ", also by many big advertisers, make the brand advertising to the small website above.

small website is the first video of success, in fact GG and Baidu’s success also depends on the small website, to have content will have no small website search, to the prosperity of the network, the search will become meaningless! Small website is that these network giants of the foundation, so webmaster want to let oneself constantly grow taller, house, so do the professional content and user is the most critical point, and the first video sites rely on Baidu GG gain by revenue to sustain life, to improve the site traffic, this is a positive cycle system of ideal


but the small website innumerable, how to make their own webmaster if you do not have a big talent shows itself, can only rely on financial support is steady, every little bit accumulation, perseverance, the example here I will no longer speak, there are many! Some smart, good webmaster with some technical means to make their stand the short-term flow, income from the Union there, good technology, can get more, technology is not good, very quickly by the alliance K off, sometimes this is the development of the network The loss outweighs the gain.! Non normal circulation, will not go so long, not ready to join in this industry to the webmaster learning.

I think in the Internet, there are many undeveloped virgin land, waiting for smart webmaster development! Quality, individuality, exclusive, must be the future of Internet development!


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