Please be cautious and optimistic about what looks like a beautiful site

website is love reference competitors’sites, always feel that others website mode, design and new products to do good, in fact the objective mind is for the good things people website to learn, but not blindly, especially for temporarily successful website to see to success in a certain situation, under the background of look, rather than think it what is good, the surface looks very beautiful website to cautious optimism.

first said it looks beautiful once to a lot of domain name, website planning domain, traditional industry bosses take Google than bosses have always said, you see the Google domain name is good, you can think of a similar domain name and Google, actually Google in China market, this domain name itself is not Chinese the domain name, the domain name is also one of the worst China (more than 90% undergraduate degree or less who is unable to spell the name, many people around me are by hao123 Google). Have the domain name Baidu, if Baidu is not so successful, the domain name Baidu itself is just a value of 2000 yuan only, at least when I met 3 of the owner took the domain name respected Google and Baidu domain name, must be in accordance with the direction of the domain name, "said all he found thousands of" good ah, must find a poem to get the domain name, the results we have to turn the 300 Tang poems and so on, we can not because of the success of a website, this website will feel what is good to have a choice. As the first Chinese engineer search engine — Engineering Online (, I, 123 plus 88 digital Chinese characteristics of this kind of Pinyin domain name website often has a special affection, think it is a very reliable website.

it looks very beautiful business model, general website of the industry get venture capital websites too neurotic, see who the site to get the investment, envy at the same time, think of this website what is good. As a matter of fact, 90% of the first websites to invest are going bankrupt, because the success rate of VC is less than 10%. Secondly, public relations releases say tens of millions of dollars worth of websites, many of which are under $1 million, are staged investments, and they are conditional. So don’t be on your competitors get investment too not to mention a lot of neuroticism, get investment sites are stories to tell, we must learn to distinguish between public relations and news release, in addition to your letter of twenty-first Century economic report and the economic observer a few valuable objective media sources of Internet news and other media are generally propaganda draft, don’t believe them nonsense, if a website to learn the successful experience of public relations according to the draft, it must be wrong.

still looks very beautiful policy, many websites to see some policies conducive to what industry or industry website, always feel the outbreak of the time, in fact, many advantages and benefits of the policy needs a long time to slowly release, and even 10 years. I remember I had runxun >

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