Review of domestic Kickstarter to raise the public situation and Prospect Analysis of website

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in foreign countries, represented by Kickstarter, all the chips or called the public offering site fire, behoove, C2C (copy to China) is not in a few, rough statistics about a dozen large and small, so these people to help with fundraising website of some wonderful entrepreneurial projects, how will the future? This paper will try to analysis for your.

1. What is KickStarter mode


Kickstarter is a web site, simply speaking, is a donation by users to achieve some creative project site, anyone can donate to a specified number of project funds, the site charges a low commission, low threshold to be more lower.


For example: California

horse gold · Callaghan wanted to create a new comic about a half human half demon, the first phase of the creation and promotion of the estimated cost of $1500, so she gave the website wrote a letter of introduction, I hope someone can provide small donations. Donors can receive a return of $5 for a comic book with an author’s signature, and $100 for a package with the characters in the manga. Of course, her promise will only be paid when more than 1500 dollars have been received. As a result, she had the donation in a short time.

creative website from which a Chinese founder Perry Chen (Perry Chen), his official occupation is a futures trader, but for the love of art, opened a gallery, also often participate in organized concerts. In 2002, he was forced to cancel because of funding problems held at the New Orleans jazz festival concert on a planning, which makes him very upset, and then began to build a website to raise funds.


April 2009, Kickstarter on line;

in 2010, Kickstarter was named as one of the best inventions by the Time in 2010.

in 2011, Kickstarter was named by Time as the best website in 2011.

currently has more than 3 million people involved in investing in KickStarter projects, with 78497 projects submitted and $362 million in successful financing.

two, the domestic public website present situation


KickStarter fire up, domestic KickStarter websites have sprung up like mushrooms

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