The prospects for independent shopping sites are grim

several concepts in this article:

— business card station: pay attention to the website interface design, only advertise the website. Its e-commerce function is only a decoration.

— commercial station: focus on product sales, establish convenient and unique technical model of the website. Its interface design is not the focus of business.

– independent shopping website: only the seller’s online sales website (or independent online shop) has the domain name and space.

– online shopping platform: an e-commerce website (or shopping platform) that allows both buyers and sellers.

now build a shopping website to peel off a layer of leather, cumbersome procedures, high labor costs. And similar Taobao, build a shop above, can go directly to the client to do marketing, and do not have to care about technical problems, filing problems.

grassroots can intervene online shopping platform, the famous number of Taobao. Shopping in Taobao has become a habit in some people and some areas. The success of this business form has led many web sites to see the bright future of shopping platforms. Baidu has "ah", "eBay", "Yue le", "Huicong net", "Dunhuang net", "Tesco" and other performances of an e-commerce bloom. While the independent shopping website has been launched, there are few improvements, just opened, but also few people interested. As an independent to open a website, in addition to pay fees, fees of domain name space, but also through the filing and special audit, the decline of these have been virtually and will cause an independent website, the prospect of independent shop.

I have a domain name space sales platform, come to me to do web site, in recent years built independent shopping website very little, mostly build business card type website. Think also, private building independent shopping website, the domain name space to spend money not to say, for the record, technical support, background processing, online promotion, the energy consumption is over, if you want to achieve profitability through independent private shopping sites, estimated to be tired as a bone to earn money or guaranteed; and to build an independent enterprise shopping site, although labor costs have ready-made, but ultimately may also put money dashuipiao, its online publicity alone, rather than joining Taobao pat, save, save, save for propaganda and attack technique, can focus on product sales well.

in addition to the domain name spaces I build, there are also physical marketing stores. For the sake of promotion, the website is free. Earlier, in order to promote the entity store and build online shop, used to buy online mall system, although done well, unfortunately too many loopholes, full of hacker interference, full of technology learning pain. Later on, I changed the version and made a business card type website. The list of products on its website is only to provide products, pictures and instructions, no longer crave online money. And my focus has shifted back to the store, and it’s much better to spend time with people than to have independent shopping sites. In business, order and

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