Several tips for promoting Baidu blogs

I opened the Baidu blog in June 1st, but I haven’t had time to look at it, so the visit has been low until I’ve been working, and I’ve been updating my blog since July 3rd. For the first few days do not know how to promote, slowly mastered a number of tricks, but also because I do the promotion of my own sake. Promotion blog, I’m not a master, but also quite learned. Now I’ll talk about it and share it with you.

Baidu blog promotion, start with each module:

personal avatar, the first impression of the window

personal portraits represent your own image. Generally speaking, the head is set as a beautiful head, and the game picture is the most attractive. If you are a woman, but also beautiful, or a handsome man, then upload your avatar is the best. If not, then find online beauty head, it is best sexy. In July 7th, I changed a beautiful avatar, and then visited, running from about 50 to 164, becoming my blog’s highest historical visit. Visible beauty charm of the head. Suggested avatar can be changed 2 weeks, unless you are a beauty, then do not change.

Baidu knows, stick it, stable flow source

, if you have just written an article, I suggest go to Baidu know, stick it there to ask questions, ask questions related to the article, and then wait for someone to answer, remember the accompanying article links. Then someone will answer your questions and then you’ll see your article. For example, I wrote about the problem that a network card can’t receive data, and its access is close to 2000. Tell you, Baidu know, stick it published there, in the weight of Baidu is very high, in search of comparison before row. So many people will know about your blog.

article title, keyword is very important,

has a lot of news every day. When people read the news, they search through the headlines. This will produce some search keywords, hot words. When we write articles, we must remember to choose the title. A good title is not too long, and the title contains hot words. For example, the 7.5 events, the recent Hangzhou racing case. When writing these things, the title must choose the words that people will search for. If you encounter a sensitive title, it is recommended to change the title of the use of other people will think of alternative words. For example, date, place name instead.

article content, entertainment games is the mainstream

games, leisure is what everybody accepts. In blogs, most of them are young people, and they have different ideas, but the common thing is the love of entertainment games, especially the games that young people like. For example, now the QQ dancer, Fantasy Westward journey.

I in July 27 wrote a play QQ dancer has a sense of the article, the day of the visit reached 242, more than the previous record, and this article is the 130 visit. Visible charm of the game article ah!

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