Parse wood spring journal fourth to expose the secrets of QQ space traffic explosion

this is the fourth article of log teacher Chun. I would like to see the friend of the first three articles. I will attach the link address to the bottom of the article. Please note.

Now many people use

in today’s headlines, such as personal blog, 360 from the media, QQ space and so on the other platform from the media, I admire these people from the media, not only because they do good, they also insist on I need to learn.

, Lu Songsong, Feng Dongyang and Mu Chun are good learning examples. We can pay attention to these teachers.

QQ space is a good place for cohesion. Generally speaking, the first thing after QQ is going to have a look at the space, which has become a habit for most people. Therefore, the use of QQ space from the media, relatively speaking, is relatively easy, because QQ space does not need to consider the platform audience, crowd, platform dissemination, and so on.

as mentioned in the article, wood spring teacher was writing this article at the time, the space of daily visits reached 4000+, then now wood spring teacher’s spatial view of how much is it? Screenshot below as evidence.


article, wood spring teacher also provides you with centralized guidance to enhance the QQ space flow methods, namely:

one, multi platform diffusion, to QQ space cited traffic

this method is simple, just like promoting products. Enterprise products want to sell in the network channels, then you need to publish promotional information on different platforms, focused on corporate Web sites or for enterprise shops flow.

similarly, QQ space as the center, the valuable content as its own products, published in the major platforms, so that more people know you, understand you. In this way, your QQ space traffic will be improved. Of course, this approach must also be based on the provision of valuable content.

two, content skills

QQ space three major sections: log, album, talk about.

put aside the album, journal, not to mention, to be recommended, should be often met. So, how to make their own published about the system recommended? First of all we need to know what kind of system will be recommended, "the quality is relatively high, point praise and comments more about possible system will be recommended".

below is a summary of the wooden spring teacher said, recommended a few tips, I feel pretty good. "1 words, talk more, write the best content automatically" folded up "state; 2, talk about the pictures; 3 and say to write the contents of some good words, do not appear negative or sensitive words; 4, say, was praised by comment."

is more than just talking. It’s the same thing with logs, if you’re writing quality very well

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